Our Board

Ross Jackson, PhD (chair)

Chairman/Founder of Gaia Trust, Denmark. Originally from Canada, Ross has an educational background in physics, management and economics, specialising in operations research. Ross was for many years a management consultant and IT systems designer, working in various branches of the business world, eventually specialising in international finance, where his foreign exchange know-how provided the financing for Gaia Trust’s programmes to support a more sustainable world. Ross is the author of many books including Occupy World Street, We ARE Doing It, and Kali Yuga Odyssey.


Tim Clarke

Tim has worked in a wide variety of positions for European institutions over three decades, rising to the rank of EU Ambassador for eight of those years. Through this work he developed a passion for a range of issues, such as community-led development; the fight against injustice and inequality and for the dignity of the most vulnerable; for women’s, girls’ and children’s rights; for environmental conservation; for mitigation of the impact of climate change; for food security; for conflict prevention and mitigation; for culture and inter-cultural dialogue; for good governance and democracy-building; and for eco-innovation and eco-development. He is now officially retired yet currently pursuing pro bono work in support of several of the above issues.


John Clausen

John has been studying and exploring the evolution of culture and consciousness since the late 1960s. His work currently focuses on community and ecovillage development, philanthropy, networking, investing and sustainability education. He’s especially interested in healthy soil and sustainable food systems. John is President of the Hygeia Foundation for Health Science and the Environment, which he founded in 1977 in the USA, supporting and sponsoring a variety of projects, particularly those that promote sustainable and holistic living. John has been closely associated with the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland since 1974. He currently represents the Findhorn Foundation and Gaia Education at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.


Monica Picavêa

Monica has been leading social integration programmes in Brazil since her teens. She graduated in Journalism, before doing an MBA in the USA. A Faculty member of Gaia Education since 2009, Monica has facilitated the first Gaia in Transition in Vila Brasilândia, the largest low income community in South America. In 2016, her company, Oficina para Sustentabilidade, was elected by B the Change as one of the best social enterprises in the world, and she was nominated a Rockfeller Fellow amongst 21 global entrepreneurs. She is currently investigating how to measure social impact in societies by adopting systems thinking in a series of international collaborations.


Our Team

Jesper Conrad
Interim CEO

With an impressive career, spanning three of Denmark's most prominent broadcasters and managerial roles in International companies, Jesper's media and leadership prowess is indisputable. 

Following a vision to turn his life around - Jesper solely uses his expertise for projects positively impacting our world. His big heart can be seen in his dedication to multiple NGO initiatives centred around social justice, sustainability, and animal welfare; 'The Human Library, The Danish Road Safety Council, and Mon La Bassa.' 

Jesper's previous involvement in Gaia Education makes him an invaluable asset in our evolution. Understanding the intricacies of our culture from his time as Head of Marketing (2015-2018). Jesper has also held the position of Communications Advisor in the ECOLISE management team.

Now earning the accolade of CEO, he'll be guiding Gaia Education into a new paradigm. Responsible for our strategy, direction, inspiration, and vision. Building up our organisational structure and overseeing the expansion of our educational projects. Establishing partnerships with new and recognised partners, he will co-create impactful strategies, fostering Gaia Education's mission in the world.
The best part? He'll do all this while travelling full-time with his family.


Pedro Pedrosa
Chief Operating Officer

Pedro is our Chief Operating Officer. He is an Astronomer and has broad experience in Volunteer and NGO Management and has participated in several humanitarian missions, the last two as part of a rescue team in the Aegean Sea supporting the emergency refugee crisis in Greece. Pedro has also managed a homeless support centre in Portugal with more than 400 volunteers and is part of the board of several organisations, among them the environmental organisation, Quinta das Águias and the animal welfare organisation, Animais de Rua.
Pedro’s task in Gaia Education is to create and promote a progressive working environment, supporting students and staff members with the technological aspect of our programmes, managing the operations of face to face courses and also supporting the wellbeing of Gaia Education team.


Fasil Bogale
Chief Financial Officer

Fasil is a chartered accountant (ACMA, CGMA) and founding partner of Community Focused Accountancy. Fasil decided to leave a successful career in London working for a renowned asset management firm, European Credit Management, in search of a way to provide financial advice to community-based organisations in Scotland. Fasil has been serving as Treasurer of Gaia Education since 2015 and, more specifically, he manages the finances of GE projects in the Global South.


Alex Pereira
Head of Branding

Co-creator of Gaia Education brand, has been collaborating with the organisation since 2005.
With a transdisciplinary background with a formal and non-formal education (From Interior Design, Painting, to Culinary Arts). Hold a degree in Image and Communication in IADE – Arts, Design and Marketing Institute) in Lisbon Portugal, and has completed a holistic training course at UNIPAZ (International Peace University), were he also volunteered in communications. From a young age he has also been involved in several youth, social, ecological and student organisations. Alex has extensive experience in the creativity field: creative and design thinking, branding, Communication Strategy, 360º Design Approach in Communications and Design (from graphic to digital design). He is the responsible for thinking, conceptualising, creating and constantly developing, and implementing the Gaia Education brand.

Alex_Foto Perfil

Saskia Rodrigues
Marketing and Communications Manager

Saskia is our Marketing and Communications Manager at Gaia Education. She originally comes from Finland and has an international background after living in several countries around the world. She has a degree in Marketing with Digital Media from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. Previously she has worked in digital marketing for a local charity as well as a support worker for children and young adults in need. At Gaia Education Saskia provides support and information for existing and potential students by connecting with them daily.


Silvia Di Blasio
eLearning Coordinator

Silvia Di Blasio is an Argentinian born Design for Sustainability graduate and EDE facilitator with a lifelong passion and dedication to social justice, sustainability, and transformational change. With a degree in Psychopedagogie and Adult Education, Silvia has specialized on eLearning, curriculum design and facilitation for social change. Silvia has been with Gaia Education since 2018, first as an eLearning assistant and, since July 2020 as eLearning coordinator; she oversees and supports, along with the GaiaEd team, the programmes in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Silvia brings a long track record of working as an educator, curriculum designer, online specialist, career coach and facilitator in organizations that include, among others the Work That Reconnects Network, the Permaculture Women’s Guild and three NGOs supporting immigrants and refugees to Canada.


Emmanuel Khodja (Manu)
Portuguese eLearning Coordinator

Emmanuel Khodja (Manu) works with a whole system design approach, promoting personal, organisational and environmental integrated development. Co-founder and first president of the NGO and Ecovillage Terra Una/Brazil, where he has been living since 2007. Academic coordinator of Gaia Education online courses in Portuguese, co-leader and educator in Gaia Education programmes in Brazil. Groups and processes facilitator, especially interested in next stage organisations. Founder of BioSistemica.com.br, a consulting, projects and training company working in sustainability, organisational change, permaculture and regenerative cultures.


Yan Teixeira
eLearning Assistant

Yan is our E-learning assistant. He is part of the Global Ecovillage Network Ambassadors and in the last 3 years has been exploring the concept of sustainability and regeneration in his life, supporting EDEs and education projects, leading to an era of collaboration, transformation and love.


Jane Rasbash
Fundraising and Project Development

Jane works in sustainable development using an empowerment and engaged spirituality approach. She is consultant to Gaia Education on programme development and resource allocation. Jane supports all stages of the project cycle and has contributed as a needs-based consultant for community led, sustainability education and rights-based projects in Asia and Africa for over 25 years. Jane mentors several local and national NGO leaders in the Global South, often working in incredibly challenging situations. She lives in Findhorn Ecovillage and has taught on Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Education and Training of Trainers in Scotland, Germany, Myanmar, Canada, Estonia and Thailand.


Sally Rasbash
Project Development and Resourcing Consultant

Sally worked for many years as a project manager, with significant experience in developing new partnerships and projects over the last 15 years. She began working for the Findhorn Community as Youth Project Manager, and went on to join the International Committee of the Red Cross as a project manager in the Philippines and in Conakry, Guinea, and for Findhorn-based charity, Ecologia Youth Trust, as Project Development Manager and Fundraiser. Now, as GE’s Project Development and Resourcing Manager, her passion is supporting grassroots pioneers to get their projects off the ground and to render their work sustainable through securing funding and building their capacity in project cycle management.