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Wednesday 1st September at 6pm-7pm BST (UK)

Join the Ecosystem Restoration Design Course LIVE webinar!

If you... 
... are thinking about signing up for the Ecosystem Restoration Design Course? 

... would like to hear more about the five course modules? 

... are wondering why this course is so important at this time in human history?

... would like to hear about the networks you’ll build and the career opportunities this course will prepare you for?

Then, this webinar is for you!

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Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh Brown is the co-founder and Camp Coordinator of ERC. She has worked with educational and government institutions across Asia and Africa.


Wil Crombie

Wil Crombie from is a Tree-Range™ Chicken producer and co-owner of Regeneration Farms, a company that is returning chickens to the forest

Celia Gregory

Celia Gregory has a passion for marine life which led her to founding The Marine Foundation, an international eco arts organisation

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